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CS2 Periphery will be selected by an information security integrated service agency in 2021. The purchaser is CS2 Peripheral. The funds are raised by the company and the project investment ratio is 100%. Following the “Law of the People’s Republic of China on Tendering and Bidding”, “Regulations on the Implementation of the Law of the People’s Republic on Tendering and Bidding” and other relevant laws and regulations, CS2 will conduct comparison and procurement of comprehensive information security service projects in 2021.

 Project overview and scope of comparison

Responsible for the technical services provided by CS2 peripheral 2021 information security integrated service project. Comparison and selection: Following the principles of openness, fairness, justice, and selection of the best, the 2021 information security comprehensive service organization will be compared and selected.

In this comparison, the selection team will recommend the transaction based on the documents submitted by each applicant and the principle of comprehensive evaluation. Scope of comparison: Under current national, provincial, and municipal network security requirements, comprehensive information security services include the following tasks: Security log analysis, security vulnerability scanning, emergency response, and security on-duty, security equipment operation and maintenance, risk assessment, website security inspection, information security inspection, and the final result report.

 Specific service requirements

Based on the service terms agreed in this project, the shortlisted unit may re-contract with the user in terms of service period and service location according to the actual situation. Work concerning national standards and regulations related to information security: Through vulnerability detection, check and evaluate whether the target system has vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, Trojan upload, etc., quickly grasp the weak links in the system, and then promote the vulnerability repair work. Reduce and mitigate threats and losses caused by system vulnerabilities, ensure smooth business development, and give suggestions for rectification and reinforcement.

 Emergency response and safety duty

Formulate special emergency plans, implement and improve the emergency management of information systems based on emergency plans. At the same time, CS2 rank boost service design scenarios to conduct drills to test the effectiveness of special emergency plans, verify the organization and command capabilities and emergency response capabilities of relevant organizations and personnel in response to network and information security emergencies, to improve the comprehensive level of the company’s information system in response to emergencies and emergency response Disposal capacity.