Biomedical Research is fundamentally the pursuit of dual goals: to advance our understanding of the world around us, and to apply that understanding toward improving the quality of our existence in that world. Chemists work to meet these goals by designing and manipulating molecular structures, with broad applications in fields such as drug discovery and cell biology.

The Tambar Group is developing new strategies and concepts in synthetic chemistry to address some of the most challenging problems in our field. Our chemical discoveries will be applied to the synthesis of complex biologically active natural products and their unnatural analogs. In addition to making fundamental advances in the areas of total synthesis and reaction discovery, we are taking advantage of the unique opportunities in medicinal chemistry at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Chemists have become skilled at constructing almost any complex target molecule through a series of separate steps. We are interested in developing new tandem chemistry that can be used to construct complex molecules in a single operational step, without the need to isolate and purify intermediates.